mamote… tae not yet

Part of Speech construction
Variant Form(s) mate… tae
Morphology mamote ‘still’ + tae
    • not yet
      • Gram
    • Literally still… not
      • Example 526:
        Ka basavono ponu, mamote damala tae.
        In those times, there were no Westerners yet (in this area).
      • Example 1542:
        Ka li-nabe keba ia mamote ba-kila keba tae.
        We're engaged, but we aren't married yet.
      • Example 1543:
        Mate pi-toe dero i-abu awoiu tae.
        We haven't cut down all the cauri trees yet.
      • Example 1544:
        Mamote menu one tae.
        I don't have children yet.
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