tae1 negative particle for realis contexts: ‘not’, ‘does not’, ‘did [...]

Part of Speech particle
Phonetic Form tae
Tanema Equivalent eia
Lovono Equivalent taie
    • negative particle for realis contexts: ‘not’, ‘does not’, ‘did not’ (opp. metae, irrealis negation)
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction final position in verbal clause
      • Example 655:
        Ka ni-lengi ni-ejau tae.
        I didn't hear it properly.
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      • Example 1028:
        Ene ni-mede kaipa tae!
        I'm not lying to you!
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      • Example 2301:
        Pi’ one i-vete tae.
        My grandfather never told me.
    • negative particle for non-verbal predicates: ‘is not’, ‘was not’
    • Syntactic Restriction final position in non-verbal clause
      • Example 482:
        Ne tomoro nga na tae: bwogo!
        It was not during the day like this: it was night!
      • Example 818:
        Li-romo nga voko, ia pon voko tae.
        It looks like a stone, but it's not a stone.
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      • Example 1026:
        Pon kaiawo tae, ova revo.
        That's not smoke, that's steam.
      • Example 2251:
        Somu tae.
        It's not far.
      • Example 2302:
        Ero tae.
        It's not water.
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      • Example 2303:
        labiou tae
        not long after that…
      • Example 2304:
        Tae, ini tae. Iote teve.
        No, it's not her. It's someone else.
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        +free pronoun

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