metae1 irrealis negation / won't / can't: be unable to / can't: be [...]

Part of Speech particle
Phonetic Form metae
Tanema Equivalent taea, taeia
Lovono Equivalent metaie
Morphology me (?) + tae
    • irrealis negation
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction often combined with kape ‘irrealis, future’
    • can't: be unable to
      • Example 1513:
        Tepao 'naka i-makoe, kape ne-makui ñe metae.
        My fishing gun is broken, I can't use it for fishing.
      • Example 1623:
        Kape ne-vete susuko metae.
        I'd be unable to tell the exact story.
    • can't: be unlikely to
    • can't: not be allowed to
      • Example 620:
        Leka, kape u-labu ebele ini metae.
        With your (opp.-sex) cross-cousin, you are not allowed any body contact.
      • Example 738:
        Uk' one tilu, kape ne-vete enga da metae.
        My in-laws, I can't say their names out loud.
    • shouldn't
    • Sense Comment rare

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