~mede lead ‹s.o.›, whether in motion or in action / mislead, deceive, [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)meⁿde
    • lead ‹s.o.›, whether in motion or in action
      • Example 1592:
        Buro pe li-mede idi ñei.
        It's a song for leading (the dancers).
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    • mislead, deceive, lie to ‹s.o.›
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 1557:
        Ene ni-mede kaipa tae, ene ni-romo ñe mata ene!
        I'm not lying to you, I saw it with my own eyes!
      • Example 1593:
        U-mede kupa etapu!
        Don't deceive us!
      • Example 1594:
        Ñara kape ne-med’ eo!
        I wouldn't want to mislead you (by making a mistake).
    • lure ‹fish+› with a bait, hence bait ‹fish›, angle for fish
    • Lexical Function Gloss angle for fish
      • Example 1595:
        Kape le-la none me le-mede ñe namuko.
        We'll take some food and use it to lure the fish.

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