~labu motoro be respectful towards ‹s.o.›, respect

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Morphology ~labu + motoro
    • be respectful towards ‹s.o.›, respect
    • Literally hold heavy
      • Example 126:
        Uk' aidi, li-labu motoro.
        In-laws are to be respected.
      • Example 1739:
        U-labu idi motoro!
        [Take people ‘heavily’] Be respectful to people!

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  • Contains:
    • motoro heavy / important, major, significant / respectful; considerate, esp. towards elders and institutions / formal, carefully worded; elegant; idiomatic
  • See also:
    • ~metei1 shy away from ‹s.o.›; show an appropriate sense of modesty before ‹s.o.›