motoro heavy / important, major, significant / respectful; considerate, [...]

Part of Speech adjective
Phonetic Form motoro
Tanema Equivalent mwaura
Lovono Equivalent melure
    • heavy
    • (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 1735:
        Pe li-anu kava, ebele idi motoro.
        When you drink kava, you feel your body is heavy.
    • important, major, significant
    • Sense Comment fig
      • Example 1736:
        Ne-ko ne-viñ' eo ñe piene motoro.
        I'd like to tell you about an important issue.
      • Example 1737:
        Dapa noma, uro we tongolukilo peini ngaten’ motoro i-wen’ tev’ dapa.
        Our ancestors used magic soot and magic leaves for important matters.
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    • respectful; considerate, esp. towards elders and institutions
    • Typical Subject behaviour
      • Example 1738:
        Awa ene motoro ñe piene pe a-viñ’ ene.
        [my mind is heavy…] I give a lot of consideration to your words.
    • formal, carefully worded; elegant; idiomatic
    • Typical Subject speech
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 1651:
        Dapa wopine na li-vete piene ne “ebele ini!” tamwase, pe li-ko motoro. Ia piene “wako” pon, mimione.
        The elders very often use this expression “it's wonderful”: they find it an elegant [lit. heavy] word. Whereas a word like “alright” is a bit too common. [it's light]

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