~la ~teli put ‹s.th.› down

Part of Speech serial vb, trans.
    • put ‹s.th.› down
    • Literally take and put
      • Example 1317:
        Leka, kape u-la ngatene u-mini susuko tae. Kape u-la u-teli, ka ini ka i-la.
        As for your (opp.-sex) cross-cousin, you cannot give her anything directly. You just put it down, and she'll pick it up.

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    • ~teli put ‹s.th.› down / bury ‹s.o., s.th.› / plant ‹fruit, taro+› / grow ‹leaves+› / send ‹message›
  • See also:
    • ~lateli put ‹s.th.› somewhere; put away, deposit, store
    • ~la1 take ‹one thing› (vs. ~loko, ‘take several things’) / take ‹s.th.› physically, grab, carry / take ‹s.th.› in order to use or move it. Serves to introduce a new participant in a situation, often an instrument or a theme, even when no actual ‘grabbing’ event is referred to. / forms causative constructions with motion or posture verbs / give ‹s.th.› / take ‹s.th. abstract›, keep / understand ‹s.o., s.th.› / require, take ‹amount of time› / do, make. Combines with certain objects, to form semantically non-compositional phrases