~vi1 blow gently onto ‹s.th., s.o.› / blow into ‹wind instrument+› to [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)vi
    • blow gently onto ‹s.th., s.o.›
    • Typical Subject wind, s.o.
      • Example 2609:
        Ngiro i-vi idi.
        The wind is blowing gently on us (like a breeze).
    • blow into ‹wind instrument+› to play music
      • Mus
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 2610:
        Li-vi jokoro.
        They're playing [bamboo] panpipes.
      • Example 2611:
        jokoro pe li-vi
        [bamboo that is blown into] flute, panpipe

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