~vi2 attach, tie ‹leaves› onto s.th. / attach ‹a prohibition, [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)vi
Lovono Equivalent ~vi
    • attach, tie ‹leaves› onto s.th.
      • Example 166:
        Uie lumobo po i-vi ponu, i-amei, i-amei, i-amei, i-amei, i-amei, i-amei i-ioi i-le ponu.
        Once he had tied the leaves (around the stone), he began to swing it, swing, swing, swing, till he threw it far away.
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    • attach ‹a prohibition, embodied by a taboo-leaf nuduro› (to s.th., ñe) in order to reserve it for oneself
    • Sense Comment hence
      • Example 2612:
        Dapa li-vi nuduro se oie buioe me adapa ñoko.
        They tied a taboo-leaf to the areca tree, to reserve the nuts for themselves.

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  • Is Part of:
    • ~vi nuduro perform a ritual of engagement (to a girl: se) for oneself, or for o.'s son