~viñi tell ‹s.o.› (about s.th., ñe) / say to ‹s.o.›, [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)viɲi
Tanema Equivalent ~puña
Lovono Equivalent ~puñi
    • tell ‹s.o.› (about s.th., ñe)
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 752:
        Ne-viñ’ eo?
        Shall I tell you?
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      • Example 1736:
        Ne-ko ne-viñ' eo ñe piene motoro.
        I'd like to tell you about an important issue.
      • Example 2651:
        U-viñi etapu!
        Don't tell her!
      • Example 2652:
        Awa ene motoro ñe piene pe a-viñ’ ene.
        I give a lot of consideration to your words. [lt. the words you tell me]
    • say to ‹s.o.›, declare, ask: introduces reported speech
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by ~ko
      • Example 1185:
        Ka i-viñ’ emel’ iape i-ko: “U-wai i-ka!”
        He told his wife (saying) “Paddle this way!”
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      • Example 2653:
        Ka dapa li-viñi li-ko “U-madau ’tapu.”
        They told her “Don't be afraid.”
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