~wasi reveal ‹secret, knowledge+› to s.o. (ñe) / inform [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)wasi
    • reveal ‹secret, knowledge+› to s.o. (ñe)
      • Example 1047:
        Mat’ eo nara kape u-wasi ñe idi ’tapu.
        Be careful not to give (the secret) away.
        Example Comment
        with apprehensive [nara](nara_1)
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      • Example 2744:
        Kape u-wasi uña ngaten’ na po pi-wasi ñ’ eo na.
        You will reveal all those ideas that we just revealed to you.
      • Example 2745:
        Kape ne-lui me ne-wasi ñe dapa enone, Teanu.
        I will reveal (these dances) to my people on Teanu.
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    • inform ‹s.o.› of s.th. (ñe), tell ‹s.o.› about s.th.
    • Syntactic Restriction different syntax
      • Example 2746:
        Ni-ko ne-wasi kaipa ñe Toplau mwa gete na.
        I wanted to tell you guys about the Men's Initiation house.

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