adapa1 their (food+): form of the possessive classifier used for food, [...]

Part of Speech possessive
Phonetic Form aⁿdapa
Tanema Equivalent adato
Lovono Equivalent adore
    • their (food+): form of the possessive classifier used for food, tools, customary possessions etc. (enaka*), with a 3 plural possessor (see dapa)
      • Gram
      • Example 65:
        avtebe me vongoro adapa
        their taro and almonds
      • Example 66:
        Li-ejau none pine adapa ne kulumoe.
        They are preparing a huge meal for the villagers.
      • Example 67:
        monone adapa
        their (wooden) chest
      • Example 68:
        ngaten' adapa
        their food or their belongings
      • Example 69:
        piene adapa Teanu
        the language of (the people of) Teanu

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    • enaka ‘my’: 1sg form of possessive classifier for Food, Tools and Customary practices / classifier for items eaten, or meant to be eaten, by the possessor; incl. items to be chewed / classifier for items drunk, or meant to be drunk, by the possessor / classifier for objects related to food acquisition and preparation / general classifier for containers, instruments and tools / classifier for certain customary practices / classifier for language (piene) / classifier for some modern items / erotic delicacy; beloved, darling