piene speech, words / language / story / rumour, news / topic, idea

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form piene
Tanema Equivalent puiene
Lovono Equivalent mwamwane
Morphology ~puie ‘talk’ + -ne
    • story
      • Example 650:
        L-ajau piene pe li-tomoli ñe tanoe.
        They made up a story to deceive people about land ownership.
      • Example 1293:
        Ponu kava pon, piene peini kuledi nga pon.
        And so, the story of kava is just a short one like that.
        Example Comment
        conclusion of a story
      • Example 1383:
        Li-atevo piene peini toñaki ie Laperus pe tamwaleko.
        Let's tell the story of how Lapérouse's ship was destroyed.
    • rumour, news
      • Example 2091:
        Ni-lengi pieni peini dapa.
        I've heard the news about them.
    • topic, idea
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1736:
        Ne-ko ne-viñ' eo ñe piene motoro.
        I'd like to tell you about an important issue.
      • Example 2092:
        Ponu piene tamwaliko pe noma; ka awoiu.
        That's a bad thing of the past; it's over now.
        Example Comment

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