awa throat / the seat of feelings, the ‘heart’. Grammatical subject [...]

Part of Speech noun, relational
Phonetic Form awa
Tanema Equivalent vasare
Lovono Equivalent warene
    • throat
      • Anat
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
    • the seat of feelings, the ‘heart’. Grammatical subject of certain predicates referring to feelings
      • Example 278:
        Awa ene i-su.
        [my throat is blocked, ~su3] I am sorry.
      • Example 279:
        Awa ene i-aka.
        [my throat blows, ~aka1] I am angry.
      • Example 280:
        Awa ene motoro ñe piene pe a-viñ' ene.
        [my throat/mind is heavy…] I give a lot of consideration to your words.
    • the seat of will and desire
    • Syntactic Restriction +object NP, or object clause
      Sense Comment esp
      • Example 281:
        Awa ene ni-ko ne-sava teve teliki.
        I want to buy it from the chief.
      • Example 282:
        Awa eo i-viane? – Tae, ni-mene!
        Do you want it? – No, I don't.
    • will, desire
    • Sense Comment hence
      • Example 283:
        Awa eo i-viaene pwo nga iu.
        Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
        Example Comment
      • Example 284:
        Emele pon i-katau awa ene!
        This girl sure suits my desire!
        Example Comment
    • ideas, thoughts
      • Example 285:
        Ka ni-la awa eo.
        I understand what you mean.
      • Example 286:
        Awa ini engaiote.
        [her neck/mind is different] She doesn't have the same point of view.
      • Example 287:
        Awa ini abia.
        He has lots of ideas.

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