awa ~viane like, appreciate / desire, want (that, ~ko)

Part of Speech construction
Phonetic Form awa (i·)vjane
Variant Form(s) awa ~viaene
Morphology awa + ~viane
    • like, appreciate
    • Literally my neck/mind hits
      • Example 291:
        Awa ene i-viaene tamwase!
        I absolutely love it!
    • desire, want (that, ~ko)
      • Example 292:
        Ewe, nga awa eo i-viane.
        Alright, if you want.
      • Example 293:
        Awa kupa i-viane pi-ko u-le u-romo tadoe akapa.
        We'd like you to go and meet our god.

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    • ~viane kick, touch ‹› with o.'s feet; step on ‹› / hit ‹› with o.'s feet noisily or violently: trample, stomp / stumble upon ‹› with o.'s feet; hence slip, fall / trip ‹s.o.› up / be so plentiful as to trip ‹their owner› up in their garden. Proverbial saying, referring to s.o.'s economic prosperity / hit ‹s.o.›, touch, esp. with some physical impact / reach ‹a certain moment›; last ‹a certain time› / become suddenly known to ‹s.o.›, with some emotional impact; hence affect, disturb, move, catch by surprise / like ‹s.o.,›; want, desire ‹s.o.,› / want to do; want that / want, desire