~vodo think, believe (that, ~ko) / hope (that, [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)voⁿdo
Tanema Equivalent ~vado
Lovono Equivalent ~vodo
    • think, believe (that, ~ko)
      • Example 2673:
        A-vodo a-ko kape l-ovei pe le-watebo teve dapa?
        Do you think we'll be able to ask them?
    • hope (that, ~ko)
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 534:
        Ni-vodo ni-ko eo ka uña damiliko iono pi-te wako.
        I hope that you and your children are well.
      • Example 2674:
        Ni-vodo ni-ko nga u-samame ene.
        I was hoping you would be able to help me.
    • remember ‹s.o., s.th.›
    • Sense Comment somet
      (Part of) Antonym (for)

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