ngatene thing, object / s.o.'s belongings; luggage / piece of food / [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form ŋatene
Tanema Equivalent vamora
Lovono Equivalent vesemele
    • thing, object
    • Sense Comment concr
      • Example 1791:
        Uña ngaten' na, kape i-vio tev' eo.
        All those things will be yours.
      • Example 1959:
        Li-makui li-odo ngatene peini toñaki ie Laperus.
        They search underwater for objects from the wreck of Lapérouse.
    • s.o.'s belongings; luggage
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 698:
        Uña ngaten' enaka i-wene tev' iu re.
        My stuff (bags+) is up over there.
    • piece of food
      • Example 1364:
        Le-le le-labu ngatene?
        Shall we go grab something? (=food)
      • Example 1643:
        Li-e ngatene pe mie, li-ko “te masi”.
        The food they eat is smelly, they call it “te masi”.
    • animal; non-human creature
    • Sense Comment rare
      • Example 1771:
        Ngatene ponu, li-romo nga mwaliko, ia mwaliko tae.
        Those creatures look like they're human, but they are not.
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      • Example 1960:
        Ka kaipa mwaliko na, ia kupa na ngatene nga na.
        You people are human; but we are just non-human creatures [lit. just things] like this.
    • thing; topic, issue, idea, meaning
    • Sense Comment abstr
      • Example 784:
        Ngatene pon etapu tamwase pe li-vet’ piene ñi.
        This topic is very delicate to talk about.
      • Example 1961:
        Vesepiene iune, i-vete ngatene tilu.
        It is the same word, but with two distinct meanings. [lit. it says two things]
        Example Comment
    • effort, activity, work
      • Example 753:
        Ni-ovei ni-ko ngatene abia teve eo.
        I know you have a lot of work. [lit. many things are with you]
        Example Comment
        preposition [teve](teve_1)
      • Example 1343:
        Awis pine peini ngatene pe a-la ponu.
        Thank you for your efforts. [lit. for the things you ‘took’]

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