~la ngatene1 work, do some work / get into action, be used

Part of Speech verb-object idiom
Phonetic Form (i·)laŋatene
Variant Form(s) ~langatene
Morphology ~la ‘take’ + ngatene ‘thing’
    • work, do some work
    • Literally take things
      Typical Subject s.o.
      • Example 584:
        Basavono na, kuo demene ka l-ejau tae, pe li-la ngatene ñi pine tamwase.
        These days, outrigger canoes aren't being made any more, because they are too much work.
      • Example 1048:
        Nganae pe kape le-la tae.
        They don't need to work. [lit. there isn't anything they have to ‘take’]
      • Example 1343:
        Awis pine peini ngatene pe a-la ponu.
        Thank you for your efforts. [lit. for the things you ‘took’]
      • Example 1344:
        Pe-le, pe-le pe-la ngatene! P-ae none! P-ae jebute!
        Come on guys, you should go to work! Go harvest food, go harvest taros!
      • Example 1345:
        Dapa Lovoko na li-ovei pe li-la ngatene iune.
        The Lovoko people are inclined towards mutual cooperation [lit. doing things together].
      • Example 1346:
        Dapa li-ka li-loko idi li-lui li-ko le-la ngatene le-mini dapa.
        They used to come to recruit people who would then work at their service.
        Example Comment
    • get into action, be used
    • Typical Subject s.th.
      Sense Comment meton
      • Example 1347:
        ‘Plenu’ wako, ‘hama’ i-langatene.
        After the plane, it was the hammer's turn to get into action.

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