~ejau ngatene do something, act / be cooking; prepare a meal

Part of Speech verb-object idiom
Phonetic Form (i·)eᶮɟau ŋatene
Tanema Equivalent ~adau vamora
Lovono Equivalent ~lapie vesemele
Morphology ~ejau + ngatene
    • do something, act
    • Literally make things
      Syntactic Restriction literally
      • Example 662:
        Ka po li-ejau ngatene pon awoiu.
        So that’s what they did.
      • Example 663:
        Dapa li-ejau ngatene susuko tae.
        They didn't do (the ritual) correctly.
    • be cooking; prepare a meal
    • Sense Comment esp
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 664:
        Li-te li-ejau ngatene.
        [They are sitting, making things] They are cooking.

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    • ~la ngatene1 work, do some work / get into action, be used
    • ~ejau1 do ‹s.th., ngatene›, act in a certain way / make, create, prepare ‹s.th.› / prepare ‹food›, cook ‹s.th.› / provide ‹medicine›, prepare (for s.o., ñe) / make up ‹story, piene›, fabricate / make ‹s.th. happen›, make ‹s.o. do s.th.›: Causative
    • none2 food / meal, dinner; esp. collective meal, feast