~ejau1 do ‹s.th., ngatene›, act in a certain way / make, [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)eᶮɟau
Variant Form(s) ~ajau
Tanema Equivalent ~adao, ~adau
Lovono Equivalent ~lapie
    • do ‹s.th., ngatene›, act in a certain way
    • Sense Comment abstr
      • Example 645:
        Nganae le-ko l-ajau, i-wene moli teve dapa.
        Whatever they wanted to do, was easy to them.
    • make, create, prepare ‹s.th.›
    • Sense Comment concr
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 52:
        Pi-ka pi-abui ngatene upa pi-ko me p-ajau toñaki iote.
        We took our tools down (from the ship) so as to build another boat.
      • Example 646:
        Li-wete otovo awoiu pon li-ejau telemoe.
        Once the thatch is finished, we make the house walls.
      • Example 647:
        Ni-ko me n-ajau kopi abia.
        I want to print [to make] many copies.
    • prepare ‹food›, cook ‹s.th.›
      • Food
    • Sense Comment esp
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 168:
        Li-ejau aña none mijaka.
        We cook a little (bit of) food.
      • Example 326:
        U-bi bale u-toe u-ajau tepwoe.
        You pick some breadfruit, cut it, and make dried-breadfruit with it.
      • Example 648:
        I-wete jebute awoiu ka i-ejau mama ada.
        Once she finished pounding the taro, she made the pudding.
        Example URL
    • provide ‹medicine›, prepare (for s.o., ñe)
      • Example 649:
        Kasule, li-ovei pe l-ejau ñe idi pe li-tavie.
        Some vines are useful [lit. You can ‘make’ them] for sick people.
        Example Comment
        medicine leaves
    • make up ‹story, piene›, fabricate
    • Sense Comment rare
      • Example 650:
        L-ajau piene pe li-tomoli ñe tanoe.
        They made up a story to deceive people about land ownership.
    • make ‹s.th. happen›, make ‹s.o. do s.th.›: Causative
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by clause
      • Example 651:
        I-ejau ini i-lebie, i-lebie men’ iape.
        She made him bathe, she bathed her baby.
      • Example 652:
        Ata tadoe kap' i-ejau bas' eo mumule.
        The spirits of Ghosts can make your head go crazy.
      • Example 653:
        Dapa tadoe li-ejau idi li-madau, tamwase ne bwogo.
        Ghosts scare people [lit. they make people afraid], particularly at night.
      • Example 654:
        Tadoe i-ka i-koie i-mako samame dapa me li-ejau makone korone.
        The spirits came in and began dancing with the men – which made the dances powerful.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • ~ejau2 (do X) well, properly, correctly / carefully, with care / intensifier: really, strongly
  • Is Part of:
    • ~ejau none prepare a meal, organise a feast; hence have a celebration
  • See also:
    • ~kae1 question verb enquiring on a situation, or the manner of an action / do how? / be how?
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