awoiu1 end, finish, be over / be finished, be doomed

Part of Speech predicative
Phonetic Form awoiu
Tanema Equivalent (mo)awoiu
Lovono Equivalent awioko
    • end, finish, be over
    • Typical Subject
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 301:
        Mobo ngapiene awoiu.
        Tomorrow, the festival will be over.
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      • Example 302:
        Ka awoiu pon ta.
        (the story) it's over.
        Example Comment
        closing formula
      • Example 303:
        Ra awoiu.
        It went on and on, until it finished.
      • Example 304:
        Li-langatene i-le i-le i-le, ebieve iote awoiu.
        They worked on and on, for a whole month. [lit. and a month finished]
    • be finished, be doomed
    • Typical Subject s.o.
      Sense Comment fig
      • Example 305:
        Na kape dapa iakapa awoiu na ta!
        Now our people will be doomed!

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