katae be over, finished

Part of Speech predicative
Phonetic Form katae
Variant Form(s) ka tae
Morphology Cf. ka… tae < ka ‘Perfect’ + tae ‘there is nothing’
    • be over, finished
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1067:
        Noma, ni-ajau nabene; basavono na ka tae.
        I used to smoke in the past; but now it's over.
      • Example 1068:
        Katae pon.
        It's finished.
        Example Comment
        conclusion of story+

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    • katae ka Iamitive aspect, ‘already’. Intensive form of Perfective ka / Experiential perfect: have done (V) already at least once / Inaugurative perfect: (do V) for the first time
    • ka… tae no longer, not any more