bea guts, bowels, intestine / silk secreted by ‹spider›; hence [...]

Part of Speech noun, relational
Phonetic Form ᵐbea
Tanema Equivalent lebwe
Lovono Equivalent lale
    • guts, bowels, intestine
      • Anat
    • Lexical Function Gloss faeces
      Typical Subject man, animal
      • Example 367:
        bea namuko
        fish bowels
      • Example 368:
        U-do ngava, awoiu u-ia bea mina.
        You scrape off the scales, and then gut it [lit. remove its guts].
    • silk secreted by ‹spider›; hence spider web, cobweb
    • Typical Subject spider
      (Part of) Synonym (for)

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