sa belly, stomach / heart, seat of emotions / the belly, as seat of [...]

Part of Speech noun, relational
Phonetic Form sa
Tanema Equivalent se
Lovono Equivalent sa
    • belly, stomach
      • Anat
      • Example 1448:
        Sa ene i-lipu!
        [My bell is full] I'm full.
      • Example 2120:
        Nga namuko i-pono eo, kape sa eo i-meli.
        If a fish poisons you, your stomach will ache.
      • Example 2207:
        None ka i-vo sa eo?
        Has your meal filled up your tummy? (i.e. are you full?)
    • heart, seat of emotions
    • Sense Comment fig
      • Example 1821:
        Nara sa i-meli!
        Make sure you don't end up heartbroken!
    • the belly, as seat of pregnancy
      • Example 2208:
        Sa ini pine.
        [lit. her bell is big] She is pregnant.
      • Example 2209:
        Sa ini pine i-ve i-labu men' iape: emele.
        She got pregnant, and later gave birth to a baby: a girl.

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