dameliko children: irregular plural of menu or apali

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form ⁿdameliko
Variant Form(s) da meliko ; damiliko ; da miliko
Tanema Equivalent lali uneida
Lovono Equivalent maranga melika
    • children: irregular plural of menu or apali
      • Kin
    • Encyclopedic Info Morph.: Originally da meliko with plural da= clitic; the dual form is da-tilu meliko ‘the two children’. The form sometimes has redundant plural marking: uña dameliko.
      • Example 530:
        dameliko 'none
        my children
      • Example 531:
        dameliko viñevi
        [female children] little girls
      • Example 532:
        buro ie damiliko
        a children’s song
      • Example 533:
        Okoro pe dameliko li-moloe ñi tae.
        A knife is not for children to play with.
      • Example 534:
        Ni-vodo ni-ko eo ka uña damiliko iono pi-te wako.
        I hope that you and your children are well.

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