ebele nga for example, such as; be like

Part of Speech phrase
Morphology ebele + nga
    • for example, such as; be like
      • Disc
      • Example 630:
        Noma li-lanasu idi ne ngatene engaenga: ebele nga namolo iaidi, viabasa idi, kula none aidi, viñe buioe aidi.
        In the olden days, killing someone could be done using a variety of objects, such as their clothes, their hair, the food they left, the nut they chewed…
      • Example 631:
        Ebele ko nga ene, ni-kila emele kulaña Tekupie ka Vonovono.
        It's a bit like me, I married a woman who's half from Tikopia, half from the Reefs.
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  • Contains:
    • ebele1 body / major constituting element; structure, core / end of ‹s.th.› / real, genuine, true, actual; authentic version of ‹s.th.› / meaning / example
  • See also:
    • nga ebele li-ko formula used when looking for words: ‘such as’, ‘like’; ‘how should I say’, ‘you know’