nga1 as, like / discourse technique allowing to compare elements of [...]

Part of Speech preposition
Phonetic Form ŋa
Tanema Equivalent nabo
Lovono Equivalent nge, nenge
    • as, like
    • Syntactic Restriction + NP
      • Example 780:
        Noma ini nga et’ iape!
        His face is just like his mum's!
      • Example 1916:
        abwa nga toloto
        [colour like the lagoon] turquoise colour
      • Example 1917:
        Nga tadoe i-ovei pe i-tomwoe.
        Just like spirits, they knew how to become invisible.
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      • Example 1918:
        Li-toe kara nebe li-bo nga kulaña metele.
        You cut a root of rosewood tree, and carve it in the shape of [lit. like] a semi-circle.
      • Example 1919:
        Basavono na ka tae, ka li-vesu bavede ñe kuo nga noma tae.
        Nowadays it's over: people don't sail any more like they used to [lit. like before].
    • discourse technique allowing to compare elements of fiction (age of characters, physical distances) with actual elements of the discourse situation
      • Disc
    • Syntactic Restriction in fiction narratives
      • Example 1920:
        La-le, mamote somu tae, bwara nga ne to ñe na ka Tekupie.
        They didn't go very far – perhaps like (the distance) between here and Tikopia.
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