nga pon1 like that, in that way / something like that: approximately / [...]

Part of Speech adverb
Phonetic Form ŋaβon
Variant Form(s) nga ponu ; ngapon
Lovono Equivalent nenge pae
Morphology nga + ponu
    • like that, in that way
    • Literally like that
      Syntactic Restriction pointing to the addressee's actions or speech
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 1931:
        Nga ponu na susuko.
        It's perfect like that (like you're doing).
      • Example 1932:
        Pi’ on’ ka i-vete nga pon tae.
        My grandfather never said anything like that.
    • something like that: approximately
      • Disc
      • Example 1933:
        Li-apilo toñaki awoiu, bara i-vagas’ metele tuo nga ponu.
        The building of the ship must have taken about six months, something like that.
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    • ‘and so on’, ‘that sort of thing’. Generally not translated
      • Disc
    • Syntactic Restriction edging strategy in speech
      Sense Comment comm
      • Example 1934:
        Li-toe iuro, ae, digo, we uña ngatene nga pon.
        They cut out pillars, beams, and other pieces like that.
      • Example 1935:
        Li-ovei pe li-tomoe, li-ovei pe li-tabo li-ka, nga ponu.
        They know how to disappear, how to appear again, that sort of thing.
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    • just, only: restrictive
    • Sense Comment comm
      • Example 1293:
        Ponu kava pon, piene peini kuledi nga pon.
        And so, the story of kava is just a short one like that.
        Example Comment
        conclusion of a story
      • Example 1936:
        Ni-ovei mijaka nga ponu.
        I only know a little.
      • Example 1937:
        Sande, moro pine, pe li-langatene tae, pe li-tamava, pe li-te ne moe nga pon.
        Sunday is an important day – one when we don't work, when we pray, when we just stay at home.
      • Example 1938:
        Telepakau pe noma, basavono po li-ve dameliko, nga emele kape li-abu dapa. Kape le-loko ne i-te iune ngapon, li-abu dapa.
        According to an ancient practice, when female children were born, they would be killed. People would keep only one daughter; others would be killed.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • nga pon2 it goes on like that, in the same manner; hence continuously, repeatedly / that's it
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    • nga1 as, like / discourse technique allowing to compare elements of fiction (age of characters, physical distances) with actual elements of the discourse situation