ebele piene1 true words, the truth / true, real, genuine; specific

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form eᵐbele piene
Tanema Equivalent nib(i)lako puiene
Lovono Equivalent nebelioko, nebele mwamwane
Morphology ebele + piene
    • true words, the truth
    • Literally real speech
      Syntactic Restriction always predicate
      • Example 632:
        Ene ni-lengi ñe taña ene, ka ebele piene, ene ni-le ene.
        I heard it with my own ears. It's the truth, I believe it.
    • true, real, genuine; specific
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by NP
      • Example 633:
        Ebele piene uo tae.
        This is not real yam.
      • Example 634:
        Ebele piene sekele peini jebute upa i-wene ne tevie.
        We have a genuine water-taro garden on the other side.

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