engaiote different / strange, surprising

Part of Speech adjective
Phonetic Form eŋajote
Tanema Equivalent ningekeo
Lovono Equivalent nengeleka
Morphology enga ‘sort’ + iote ‘other’
Paradigm Form pl: engaenga
    • different
      • Example 286:
        Awa ini engaiote.
        [her neck/mind is different] She doesn't have the same point of view.
      • Example 743:
        Ne temaka kula nga ponu; na, engaiote.
        It's the case in some places; but here, it's different.
    • strange, surprising
    • Sense Comment somet
      • Example 744:
        A-rom, na vilo engaiote! Vilo pon i-vio teve kiapa tae.
        Look at this strange plant! We don't have it in our island.
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    • ~bisi be surprised (by s.th., ñe), be astonished
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    • engaenga various, diverse
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