eo 2sg personal pronoun / you: stressed pronoun, co-occurring with [...]

Part of Speech pers. pronoun
Phonetic Form eo
Tanema Equivalent go
Lovono Equivalent ago / -ngo
    • 2sg personal pronoun
      • Gram
    • you: stressed pronoun, co-occurring with subject prefix (a-, u-) on verbs
    • Syntactic Restriction topic
      • Example 749:
        Ia eo, eo a-ka vele?
        And you, where are you coming from?
      • Example 750:
        Eo u-te. U-ka u-te u-romo.
        You, sit down. Come have a look.
    • you: subject of non-verbal predicates
    • you: object of verb or preposition
      • Example 445:
        U-botongo eo u-ejau!
        Take good care of yourself!
      • Example 752:
        Ne-viñ’ eo?
        Shall I tell you?
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      • Example 753:
        Ni-ovei ni-ko ngatene abia teve eo.
        I know you have a lot of work. [lit. many things are with you]
        Example Comment
        preposition [teve](teve_1)

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