etapu3 Prohibitive: don't / … that you don't (do P)

Part of Speech modal
Phonetic Form etapu
Variant Form(s) 'tapu
Proto-Form Polynesian: e tapu 'it is sacred' ; POc: *taᵐbu 'holy, forbidden'
Tanema Equivalent etapu ; etapu
Lovono Equivalent etapu ; ikaie
    • Prohibitive: don't
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction clause-final, preceded by Irrealis verb
      • Example 786:
        U-koie etapu!
        Don't go in!
      • Example 787:
        U-vet' ene etapu!
        Don't give me away!
      • Example 788:
        U-met' eo ñe ene etapu!
        Don't shy away from me!
      • Example 789:
        Pe-madau etapu, ponu menuko iaba.
        Don't be scared, this is our friend.
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      • Example 790:
        U-wai u-mabui! Kiane ’tapu!
        Paddle slowly! Not too fast!
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        following adjective
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    • … that you don't (do P)
    • Syntactic Restriction in subordinate clause
      • Example 791:
        Mat’ eo nara kape u-wasi ñe idi ’tapu.
        Be careful not to give (the secret) away. [lit. make sure that you shall not reveal…]
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  • Heterosemes:
    • etapu1 sacred, endowed with spiritual powers / holy / unapproachable; meant to be paid the highest respect / forbidden, taboo
    • etapu2 stop! don't! Used to stop s.o. from their action