iape1 his, her, its: form of the general possessive classifier [...]

Part of Speech possessive
Phonetic Form jape
Tanema Equivalent na, ena, ake nini
Lovono Equivalent ia
    • his, her, its: form of the general possessive classifier (enone*), with a 3 singular possessor (see ini)
      • Gram
      • Example 409:
        Biouro iape nga ne!
        [lit. Its length was like this] It was this long!
      • Example 854:
        Awa ene i-viaene imaluo iape.
        I like her character.
      • Example 855:
        Mwaliko iape i-romo emel' iape i-wene teve iawo.
        The man saw his wife lying by the fire.
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      • Example 856:
        Ngele nga i-le i-toe kuo iape ne ngogoro.
        Anyone can go cut his canoe in the bush.
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    • enone ‘my’: 1sg form of possessive classifier for General, default possession / classifier for various possessions / classifier for kinship relations when the noun is not inherently a kin term (opp. one, classifier for kin terms) / classifier for some more abstract relations
    • ini he/she, him/her, it: 3 singular personal pronoun / he/she/it: stressed pronoun, co-occurring with subject prefix i- / he/she/it: subject of non-verbal predicates / him/her/it: object of verb or preposition / his/her/its: possessive after directly possessed noun (e.g. body parts) / (it is) him/her/it