iu up, above

Part of Speech locative
Phonetic Form ju
Tanema Equivalent iu
Lovono Equivalent ngau
    • up, above
      • Example 267:
        Ai-ava iu ñe vakaboro?
        Did you fly (in the sky) in a plane?
      • Example 923:
        ne otovo iu
        up in the thatched roof
      • Example 924:
        Moe iaba pwo; iote iu, ie mwaliko iote.
        Our flat is located below; as for the one above, it belongs to someone else.
        Example Comment
        storey house
      • Example 925:
        basa re po i-wen' iu re
        that mountain up over there
      • Example 926:
        Li-romo i-katau vangana kanmoro iu ne meteliko.
        We watch the light of the stars up in the sky.

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