tev’ iu up, above / on the southeast side; south or east

Part of Speech locative
Phonetic Form teviu
Tanema Equivalent iu
Lovono Equivalent leve ngau
Morphology tevie + iu
    • up, above
    • Literally upper side
      • Example 698:
        Uña ngaten' enaka i-wene tev' iu re.
        My stuff (bags+) is up over there.
    • on the southeast side; south or east
    • Literally upwind
      Syntactic Restriction geocentric meaning
      • Example 39:
        Ngiro Tangake i-aka i-abu i-kamai tev' iu ne.
        The Tangake wind blows down from the east.
      • Example 1300:
        Kulumoe Iura, kulumoe i-wene tev’ iu.
        The islands of (north) Vanuatu are located southeast [of Vanikoro].
      • Example 2433:
        Apali pon ka i-vilu i-le tev' iu re!
        That child ran away in that (upward) direction!

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