tevie side of ‹s.th.› / (in) the vicinity of / (on) the other side of [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form tevie
Tanema Equivalent lavele
Lovono Equivalent leve
    • side of ‹s.th.›
    • Syntactic Restriction often with ne preposition
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 2446:
        Mata ene tevie i-meli.
        My eye is hurting on one side.
    • (in) the vicinity of
      • Example 2447:
        Sekele peini jebute upa i-wene ne tevie.
        Our taro garden is located close to here [lit. on the side]
    • (on) the other side of
    • topic, issue; regard

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    • tevie teve indicates a direction in space / akin to, closer to ‹a certain type›; Cf. Eng. “on the X side” / about ‹a certain subject›
    • pwama side / shore, bank
    • teve towards ‹such and such direction› / beside, by ‹a location› / (stay+) by ‹s.o.›, with ‹s.o.› / be, exist with ‹s.o.›; equiv. of Eng. ‘have’ / (take+) from ‹s.o.› / dependent on ‹s.o.›, relative to ‹s.o.›; hence to ‹s.o.›, for ‹s.o.› / (other) than ‹s.o.›