tevie teve indicates a direction in space / akin to, closer to ‹a certain [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form tevie teve
Variant Form(s) tevie tev‘
Tanema Equivalent lavele ao
    • indicates a direction in space
    • Literally (on) the side towards
      • Example 2449:
        Ne moe puo re? – Tae, ne tevie tev' iu i-ka m'jaka.
        In this house down there? – No; a bit further up [lit. on the side towards up a little].
    • akin to, closer to ‹a certain type›; Cf. Eng. “on the X side”
    • Sense Comment fig
      • Example 2450:
        Dapa tevie teve tadoe, we?
        They are rather on the supernatural (rather than human) side, right?
        Example Comment
    • about ‹a certain subject›
    • Syntactic Restriction used with or without prep. ne
      Sense Comment hence ; comm
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 2451:
        Kia la-vete piene tevie tev' tadoe.
        Let's talk about spirits.

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