kula1 other, different

Part of Speech adjective
Phonetic Form kula
Tanema Equivalent kule
Lovono Equivalent kula
Morphology Cf. kula, kulaña ‘part, portion’
    • other, different
    • Syntactic Restriction semantically plural
      Encyclopedic Info Morph.: Constitutes the plural counterpart of iote ‘[Singular] other, different’.
      • Example 1281:
        Li-bei ñe uie bamele ka uie vilo kula.
        They cover [the oven] with philodendron, and other leaves.
      • Example 1282:
        Dapa iakapa noma li-ovei pe li-pwalau: li-katau kanimoro li-le ne basakulumoe kula.
        Our ancestors used to practice navigation: they would follow the stars, and reach other islands.

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