mama1 voice / sound, esp. singing sound of an instrument (vs. [...]

Part of Speech noun, relational
Phonetic Form mama
Tanema Equivalent mama
Lovono Equivalent mama
    • voice
    • Typical Subject s.o.
      • Example 248:
        I-atevo iepiene ni-la mama ini.
        I recorded his voice as he told the story.
      • Example 1528:
        Mama ini pine.
        He has a loud voice.
      • Example 1529:
        Ni-lengi mama Stanley ni-sai ñe mama Alex.
        I heard Stanley's voice, I thought it was Alex.
    • sound, esp. singing sound of an instrument (vs. aña ‘noise’)
    • Typical Subject
      • Example 811:
        Ni-lengi mama gita.
        I can hear the sound of a guitar.
    • message sent by ‹s.o.›
    • Sense Comment rare
    • marriage proposal sent to the family of a woman
    • Typical Subject man
      Sense Comment esp
      • Example 1530:
        U-teli mama ene se.
        Please send her ‘my voice’.
        Example Comment
        formula for official engagement

Related entries

  • Main Entry:
    • ~teli mama request official engagement (to a woman, ñe/se) from her family
  • See also:
    • aña1 piece, bit of ‹food+› / taste of ‹› / noise of ‹› / strength, energy of ‹s.o.›