okoro bamboo / name of certain artefacts made of bamboo / a heavy [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form okoro
Tanema Equivalent bulnira ; toki
Lovono Equivalent okaure ; toki
    • bamboo
      • Bot
    • Scientific Name Bambusa spp
    • name of certain artefacts made of bamboo
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1983:
        Li-panade okoro awoiu li-si telemwoe peini mwoe.
        You split the bamboos, and then you make the wallings of your house.
    • a heavy bamboo, used as a stamping tube. Singers of buro bula okoro ‘bamboo songs’ stamp (~woi) the bamboo on the ground, thereby producing a deep sound as they sing along
      • Mus
      • Example 1984:
        buro bula okoro
        Songs for Bamboos
        Example Comment
        song genre
      • Example 1985:
        Le-woi okoro awoiu l-oburo i-katau.
        They pound bamboos, and then they sing along.
    • a traditional knife made of bamboo; hence (modern) knife; bushknife, machete
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 145:
        Ni-aka okoro ne ero.
        I washed the knife in the river.

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    • ~woi okoro pound heavy bamboos vertically and repeatedly onto the ground, to mark bass rhythms while singing
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