otovo sago tree (Arecaceae) / sago leaves, esp. used for roofing [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form otovo
Proto-Form POc: *qatop
Tanema Equivalent vaove
Lovono Equivalent walue
    • sago tree (Arecaceae)
      • Bot
    • Scientific Name Metroxylon warburgii ; Metroxylon salomonense
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1598:
        Velebie peini otovo, peini melevele pine.
        Sago starch is good in case of a major famine.
      • Example 1997:
        uie otovo
        sago leaves
    • sago leaves, esp. used for roofing houses
    • Sense Comment meton
      • Example 1998:
        ~wete otovo
        [lit. pin sago] put together a set of sago leaves, in preparing the roofing
      • Example 1999:
        sodo otovo
        thatch of sago leaves
    • thatch, roof of a house, typic. made of sago leaves
    • Sense Comment meton
      • Example 1728:
        Otovo iupa ka tamwaliko, pi-tabo pi-wete kula motoe.
        Our roofing has been damaged, we are making [lit. pinning] a new one.
      • Example 2000:
        Okoro 'naka i-vio ne otovo iu tae?
        Can you see my knife, hanging from the roof?

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  • Is Part of:
    • otovo kangilo variety of sago tree, characterised by a smaller trunk and smooth leaf sheaths
    • otovo kotekote variety of sago tree, characterised by a larger trunk and spiny leaf sheaths
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    • nengele moe the various structural components of a house and its roof