nengele moe the various structural components of a house and its roof

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form neŋele moe
Morphology nengele + moe
    • the various structural components of a house and its roof
      • Archi
    • Literally elements of house

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  • See also:
    • bali bamboo pole / section of horizontal purlins overhanging the roof; eaves
    • bali peini telemoe plinth: bamboo pole lying at the base of a house walling, to maintain it
    • iuro pillar, main vertical post supporting the roof structure of a house / mast
    • iutego forked pillar standing in each corner of the house, holding the framing of the roof
    • digo vertical post holding the walling of a house (telemoe), and supporting a tie-beam (basadigo).
    • basadigo tie-beam: horizontal beam resting on posts (iutego, digo), and supporting the roof structure
    • otovo sago tree (Arecaceae) / sago leaves, esp. used for roofing houses / thatch, roof of a house, typic. made of sago leaves
    • sodo otovo roof covering made of sago leaves (otovo)
    • womoe purlin: horizontal beam in the roof structure, situated half way up, between the stringpiece and the ridge beam (pumene)
    • dienebe light horizontal purlin in the roof structure
    • lo rafter: light beam extending from the ridgepole (pumene) down to the tie-beam (basadigo), forming the roof structure
    • pumene ridgepole
    • pumene aplaka light purlin, placed above rafters, where the ridge flashing (busumoe) sits
    • busumoe ridge flashing: section of roof thatch placed on the ridgepole
    • moe house: tradit. wooden construction with bamboo wallings and sago thatch / structure or place analogous to a house, in its shape or its function