puluko betel: k.o. leafy vine (Piperaceae) / betel leaves, picked [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form puluko
Proto-Form POc: *[pu]pulu
    • betel: k.o. leafy vine (Piperaceae)
      • Bot
    • Scientific Name Piper betle
    • betel leaves, picked (~kidi) in numbers, and chewed (~kanu) in combination with Areca nuts (buioe) and lime (awo)
    • Sense Comment hence
      • Example 164:
        Lai-au jebute, la-kidi puluko ada, lai-ali buioe ada, la-kamai ponu.
        They went to harvest some taros, pinch off some betel leaves, pick some areca nuts, and came back.
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