ra1 Continuative: on and on and on / on and on till ‹s.th.›: hence [...]

Part of Speech particle
Phonetic Form ra
Tanema Equivalent da
Lovono Equivalent da
    • Continuative: on and on and on
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction usually repeated
      • Example 2165:
        Lai-te Tetevo ra ra ra ra – ka i-le ne velesebe.
        So they waited on Utupua, on and on and on — till they reached the middle season.
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    • on and on till ‹s.th.›: hence until
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by clause or complement
      • Example 2166:
        Li-pinoe li-dai ra ra awoiu, li-tabo li-le ne bonge ma dapa.
        They dance on and on [lit. till it ends], until they return to their cave.
      • Example 2167:
        Li-sabisi li-maliawo boso. Pon ra kokoro.
        They laid (the almonds) and lit a fire underneath, till they were dry.
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    • it went on like this, till finally…
      • Disc
    • Syntactic Restriction sentence initially
      • Example 1721:
        Ra ra, moro iote iawo i-bu.
        They were living like that, but one day, the fire died out.
      • Example 2168:
        Ra jebute ka moso pon.
        Finally, the taro ripened.
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      • Example 2169:
        Ra awoiu.
        Finally, it finished.

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    • ~le3 separates two actions that take place in separate locations. Usually not translated / (move+) towards, to (such and such direction) / (take s.th.+) towards, to (such and such direction) / (move+) forward, ahead / (move+) thither, away from speaker or deictic centre / (do V) ahead, in a continuing manner; go on / (do V) on and on, for a long time
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