samame1 (do V) with ‹s.o.› / together with ‹s.o.,›, and / with, [...]

Part of Speech preposition
Phonetic Form samame
Variant Form(s) same ; semame
Tanema Equivalent avaio
Lovono Equivalent emeio
Morphology Cf. ~samame ‘join, help’
    • (do V) with ‹s.o.›
    • Syntactic Restriction comitative meaning
      • Example 2212:
        Ini i-sabu semame emele ie teliki.
        He had committed adultery with the chief's wife.
      • Example 2222:
        U-ovei pe u-wablei piene semame ini.
        You may joke with her.
    • together with ‹s.o.,›, and
    • Syntactic Restriction as coordinator
      • Example 1458:
        Uo moloe na, samame none ka longo.
        Here is some Red yam, together with Potato yam and Lesser yam.
      • Example 2223:
        teliki, samame dap' wopine, dapa gete
        the chief, together with elders and young boys
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    • with, using ‹›
    • Syntactic Restriction instrumental meaning
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 294:
        Li-mali iawo ne lema awene, semame añaña longe.
        We light a fire inside the stone oven, using small bits of firewood.
      • Example 839:
        Li-iaibi samame ero.
        You mix (it) with water.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • samame2 anaphoric counterpart of preposition samame: with it/him/her
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    • teve towards ‹such and such direction› / beside, by ‹a location› / (stay+) by ‹s.o.›, with ‹s.o.› / be, exist with ‹s.o.›; equiv. of Eng. ‘have’ / (take+) from ‹s.o.› / dependent on ‹s.o.›, relative to ‹s.o.›; hence to ‹s.o.›, for ‹s.o.› / (other) than ‹s.o.›
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