tadoe1 ancestral spirit, representing the soul of an ancestor. These [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form taⁿdoe
Tanema Equivalent aoe
Lovono Equivalent leñoe
    • ancestral spirit, representing the soul of an ancestor. These anonymous, invisible spirits haunt the island and live around humans
      • Myth
      • Spirit
      • Example 1049:
        Nga u-le, ata tadoe kap’ i-ejau bas' eo mumule.
        If you go there, the soul of spirits can make your head go crazy.
      • Example 2297:
        Dapa na ngatene nga tevie mwaliko, tevie nga li-romo nga tadoe.
        These are special creatures, half man, half spirit.
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        Tamate masks
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      • Example 2298:
        Idi mwaliko li-tamava se tadoe, li-klasi li-ko kape le-le le-pinoe. Tadoe i-ka i-koie i-mako samame dapa me li-ejau makone korone.
        The men invoked the spirits, and told them they were going to dance. The spirits came in and began dancing with them, which gave power to the dances.
    • used metonymically for the bush, the wild, e.g. for certain plant names when they are not fit for human consumption and belong to the forest
    • Sense Comment somet
    • representation of spirits through sculptures or headdresses
    • deity, ancestral god worshipped in ancient times
      • Example 702:
        Li-puie li-kilasi tadoe adapa.
        They were addressing their god(s).
      • Example 2299:
        Tadoe adapa pon, enga ini Vilisao.
        That god of theirs was called Filisao ‘Tornado’.
    • the Christian God
      • Christ
    • Sense Comment somet
      (Part of) Synonym (for)

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