tanoe ground, soil / land, insofar as it belongs to s.o.

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form tanoe
Proto-Form POc: *tanoq
Tanema Equivalent anoe
Lovono Equivalent lenoe
    • ground, soil
      • Example 2331:
        Tanoe i-wai.
        The ground shook.
        Example Comment
      • Example 2332:
        Li-ae tanoe
        dig the ground
      • Example 2333:
        Dapa pe li-abu dapa li-bu, kape le-lui dapa le-teli dapa ne tanoe.
        Those who were killed were later buried in the ground.
    • land, insofar as it belongs to s.o.
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 123:
        Na tanoe aidi abia.
        This land belongs to everyone.
      • Example 2334:
        Da la-via ñe tanoe.
        They're fighting about land.

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