telepakau culture, traditions of a specific place / traditional norms, [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form telepakau
Proto-Form Polynesian: *lapakau 'skilful, crafty'
    • culture, traditions of a specific place
      • Ethn
      • Example 1523:
        Teliki Makumoso Banie i-waivo idi mwaliko ñe telepakau, ñe maluo.
        The Elder God Banie instructed humans with culture and life.
      • Example 2388:
        telepakau akapa
        our culture
      • Example 2389:
        Ponu telepakau tamwaliko pe noma; ka awoiu.
        That's a bad tradition of times past; it's over now.
        Example Comment
    • traditional norms, conceived as rules and duties; customary law
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 2266:
        Ka a-romo leka! Ka a-sube ñe telepakau!
        You caught sight of your cousin: you've infringed the customary rules.
      • Example 2390:
        Telepakau pe na, lek' iape etapu.
        In our custom, one's (female) cousin is to be highly respected.
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