tongolukilo “custom leaves”: plants endowed with a special power, whether [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form toŋolukilo
Tanema Equivalent tongeveila
Lovono Equivalent venugule
    • “custom leaves”: plants endowed with a special power, whether magic or medicinal
      • Ethn
      • Example 864:
        Tongolukilo ponu wako peini basa idi i-meli.
        This medicinal plant is useful against headaches.
        Example Comment
        possessor of inalienable noun
      • Example 1362:
        Mwaliko pon i-labu tongolukilo pe i-ejau ñe idi.
        That man knows how to perform magic for people. [lit. he holds medicinal leaves…]
      • Example 1737:
        Dapa noma, uro we tongolukilo peini ngaten’ motoro i-wen’ tev’ dapa.
        Our ancestors used magic soot and magic leaves for important matters.
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      • Example 2502:
        Jeboro ini tongolukilo iote.
        Wild basil is (used as) a medicinal plant.
    • medicine
      • Mod
    • Sense Comment hence
      • Example 1338:
        Taluaito i-la tongolukilo i-mini men' one.
        The doctor gave some medicine to my child.

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