uro charcoal, obtained from burnt wood or plants / charcoal reduced [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form uro
    • charcoal, obtained from burnt wood or plants
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 341:
        I-ium’ i-le, i-tau uro i-wene ne basa kuo iape teve tilu pon.
        First, he will burn some charcoal and rub it onto the two ends of the canoe.
        Example Comment
        magic on a canoe
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      • Example 2552:
        vese uro
        piece of charcoal
    • charcoal reduced to powder, for various uses; black soot
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 1089:
        U-la uro, u-katei ñe wabula eo.
        You take charcoal powder, and rub it on your cheeks.
      • Example 1904:
        U-la uro u-si tetawene ñei.
        You can use charcoal powder for tattooing.
    • inkpen, pen
    • Sense Comment hence
    • black magic, sorcery
      • Ethn
    • Encyclopedic Info Gram.: When uro means ‘magic’, it takes the enaka classifier, which includes Food, Tools and instruments, as well as “customary” practices.
      Infobox Magic charcoal: Black sorcery involves the handling of ashes or charcoal powder (uro) obtained from special plants or leaves (tongolukilo). The sorcerer (taluaito) rubs the freshly burnt black powder onto his body or face. Sometimes he will swallow a small bit.
      • Example 218:
        Taluaito i-su uro ape.
        The sorcerer lit his (magic) charcoal.
      • Example 2553:
        Dapa noma li-labu uro abia tamwaliko me li-abu ñe idi.
        People in the past used to use black magic to kill people.

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    • enaka ‘my’: 1sg form of possessive classifier for Food, Tools and Customary practices / classifier for items eaten, or meant to be eaten, by the possessor; incl. items to be chewed / classifier for items drunk, or meant to be drunk, by the possessor / classifier for objects related to food acquisition and preparation / general classifier for containers, instruments and tools / classifier for certain customary practices / classifier for language (piene) / classifier for some modern items / erotic delicacy; beloved, darling
    • beniawo ashes
    • iawo fire
    • taluaito traditional healer – both a seer and a sorcerer / medical doctor
    • tongolukilo “custom leaves”: plants endowed with a special power, whether magic or medicinal / medicine
    • viomoro charcoal left in the fireplace